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  • A good map

    Looking for more in depth info on the different online maps. The blurey one has tribal lands labeled and a few other things that don't coincide with the clear map. Where the changes ever explained? Which map is considerd the orginal one? How much did Forrest dictate what's actually landmarked? Any help would be appreciated. I know there was something on Dal's site about he showed Dal 3 maps that were sent from Benchmark. But i can't seem to find that conversation.

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    Hey Sunburnt

    Did you get help with this question or its too late to answer?

    Got some suggestions

    Marcos, Charleston


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      not really. but I've been told the map without the tribal lands labled is the one that was in the book.
      it's interesting that map also has the land Status's labled public land. which they really are not. Also seemed odd both maps have military lands highlighted in light blue?? I've slso mentioned in the past there are distinct aberrations ( outlined subjects) i see on both maps.
      the gorrila is the big one. almost seens like HOB. of course theres more.


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        Interpretation of the poem is a lot more critical than the quality of whatever map(s) you use. I used BOTH mapquest and google earth, with EXCELLENT results. I would not skip either. This is important.