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Utah hunt for 10k

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  • Utah hunt for 10k

    The hunt for 10k in cash is for sure based off fens hunt. With a poem that leads to the prize. Since I live in the search area. I started looking into it.. first line is where hikers rest... well I think I've narrowed down that spot and the second line fell right into place... good luck if you are endeavouring for the cash prize buried in utah.. it's not a huge amount but always a fun venture

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    When you look at the 1st hunt these guys arranged for $5K, their poem was solved in 4 days, and the treasure chest was found. It's fun to look clues of that poem, compare them to the final location, and see how the guy solved it. In addition you were able to see the video of the guy's excitement finding and opening the chest. There was no need for 10 years of researching scrapbooks, endless interviews, book purchases, confirmation bias, photo-shop worries, etc. Their poem had a set of clues that many agreed could very well be the target area, with BOTG needed from there. It's refreshing to see a treasure hunt where there is consensus on at least a few clues, and the final spot is actually revealed - without this 'special secret place' BS.


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      Agreed... but I have to admit that if I were to find the loot first.. since its cash I would fill my pockets.. leave the box for the next person and go enjoy a nice steak and lobster dinner... oh yea I would.. at least someone would be able to reveal the location... lol