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  • Welcome to Forum - Rules and Guidlines

    There are a variety of treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, and adventures. This forum is to start discussions on those searches. If the hunt is substantial or spans over time, we can start its own forum, like The Thrill of the Chase. These hunts are not affiliated with this site not is any of the information verified, so proceed at your own risk and stay safe!

    A couple of general notes:
    - As a registered user, you have up to 500 private messages.
    - This is a purchased site with the latest software updates, meaning the security is up to date and errors should be minimal. Report any errors and there is a support team that will look into it.
    - Visitors can not post, but can view the forums.
    - You will need a valid email to register. Due to spam issues, all users will need to be approved prior to posting.
    - Moderators will not have access to any portion of the site other than the ability to edit, move, or delete threads.

    This is an open forum for discussion. A few rules / guidelines:
    - Keep the discussion civil, don't curse and refrain from personal attacks.
    - Rules will be amended as specific situations arise, but mods have the right to make the call in the spirit of the forum to be a place for good discussion.

    The moderators will make the call if someone has overstepped, which will result in at least a warning and up to permanent banning.

    All users will be treated equally and rules applied to all, no exceptions.

    Have fun (not a rule for the forum, but a good rule for life)!