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I am in Taos

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  • I am in Taos

    My adventure this year is starting in Taos, after 5 days of traveling and hanging out with friends, finally made it here from Florida. We have rented this Adobe house built in 1880. My first solo search, was in New Mexico in 2014, I am thrilled to be back.
    I am sitting in the round dining room, this is not a search site, however, Adobe being brown, and, a circle with the end ever drawing nigh..... does amuse me. Smiles.

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    Well hello, Zelda !
    Fancy seeing you here
    Welcome to THOR.
    " It will be discovered by someone who has read the clues successfully." ff


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      Thank You for the welcome. Yesterday, I experienced Rio Grande River Gorge and bridge. It was a definite spot, not for the meek, but there are many places that fit that descripatory line.