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    A Chaser on Facebook just did a hunt Billy Forester, and is referenced in the last Cowlazar #56 vBlog. I think we should commit to do it here at least a couple of us, share what we find along the way and bring it home! It sounds like it is a purse doubling each hunt (last $100 this one will be $200). I looked at the last one and it looks simple, yet clever/cryptic, so not simple at all - but solvable! The next is a different format, so we won't be disadvantaged. Sounds fun!

    Genetic or anybody really - Were you in the last one, and if so, what was your experience?
    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018

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    I didn't know about it, so no, I didn't participate.


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      I was in both, they were fun. Cowlazars was a lot harder, I finally finished it, he has a knack for puzzles. Billy’s was fun too, a lot easier, some clues weee hard to put together but the social aspect of both TH’s was nice.