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  • Epic battle

    Tyson vs Holyfield, New Mexico vs Wyoming.... but now, the most epic battle ever...... Cowlazars versus Kpro. Treasure hunt creators....... one who adores cyphers, anagrams and codes - Code Breaker Cowlazars will battle his side kick Kitchen Sink Kpro who loves imagination, word play, poems and illustrations. They will battle in creating a treasure hunt, each one will build their own and bring to the treasure hunters across the world. There will be a $10 charge for each. Pick the one you prefer in format/creator or get them both! The prize pool will be the treasure prize purse, meaning all money goes to the treasure hunt. If Mike has 12 people buy in, the prize pool will be $120. The same for Kpro’s hunt. More details to come, and targeting a August 22 release date on you tube..... more to follow!
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    Kitchen Sink Kpro......very interesting.